WFS Construction Company

"Delivering the quality and safety that you expect, WES Construction is dedicated to giving you more value. A premier heavy mechanical contractor, WFS Construction serves a range of industries from petrochemical to paper to electric generation to all types of manufacturing. For all our clients, our focus is on providing safety, quality and performance.

Safety is our first priority. And it starts from the top.Management is committed to constant safety improvement through management’s personal involvement, continuous employee training, with ongoing emphasis on safety throughout the organization.Management participates in jobsite safety audits, site toolbox safety meeting, safety awards, and safety training. This emphasis on safety has resulted in dramatic reductions of employee injuries and insurance costs. Performing at this optimum level creates long lasting relationships with our customers and a good working environment for our employees.

When it comes to safety, performance is no accident:

  • Safety, education and training is our ongoing commitment
  • Safety is integral to the overall service provided to our customers
  • Our safety record ranks at the top of the industry and continues to improve
  • Over 4 million man-hours without a lost time injury
  • Year after year our recordable incident rate (TRIR) < .30
  • At WFS Construction our goal is “Nobody gets Hurt”
  • Experience means doing it right the first time saving man-hours and schedule time. Experience means being able to do the difficult tasks with ease. Experience means you plan, you schedule, and you prepare. You can never guess your way to success.
  • With WFS Construction you can tap into over a century worth of experience serving customers to get the most value for their dollar.
  • When you call WFS Construction, you get experience.
  • Proven track record of performance
  • Skilled experienced supervisors/managers
  • Experienced dedicated craftsmen
  • Well maintained equipment & tools
  • Established in-house safety training & personal growth programs
  • Industry leading quality program
  • Experienced planner using P3 thru P6 computer scheduling software
  • Experienced time keepers and cost engineers utilizing computerized cost tracking programs

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